Staffing Solutions

We all like a little saving here and there!

Research has shown us that there is a huge cost in recruiting, training, and retaining staff for organizations. CHSS – Canada Healthcare Staffing Services is bridging that gap by offering fully trained qualified personnel to your door. These trained professionals will develop the optimum level of care to clients at a fraction of the price of hiring and training yourselves.


We offer organizations the ability to focus on other aspects of their business and leave the recruitment of personnel to us. We know what businesses especially those in the health care sector need in terms of personnel ability and proficiency. We can deliver on this and are also committed to ensuring you make some savings when you take us on board.


Understanding the healthcare need is vital

02Sourcing the Best

Using our expertise and Strategic sourcing implementation

  • How much does this cost?

    For us to give you an accurate price list we will need to do an NO obligation assessment. Please contact us to set one up.

  • Does my health coverage cover any of this?

    Please contact your benefits provider for more information.

  • Do I get to pick my caregiver?

    Yes, we work carefully with each client to pick the perfect caregiver to fulfill their needs.

  • What happens if my caregiver gets sick?

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  • Are you employees referred?

    Yes, all our employees are put through a screening process to ensure they can be insured.