Private Care (Children, Youth, Live in)

through our certified caregivers also provides private in-home care services for our clients that would prefer to be cared for in their own homes. We are compassionate in the delivery of our care service because we know what it entails to rely on someone to handle certain aspects of your life. We understand what it means to be cared for with love and compassion. It’s not complex. It just takes the right team to get you that support you need. Flexible options are offered, and we work with the client to meet their personal needs and goals.

Examples of Private In-Home Care include:

Developmental Aide Worker to assist with the many challenges of parenting a child with special needs. Our staff works with both the parent and child to achieve improvements in the child’s development and prevent regression. The focus may be physical, emotional, or cognitive.


Other cases include when a child has a severe disability that results in significant limitations. Specialized services are here to identify complex needs and establish rehabilitative practices and strategies that are reasonable, less intrusive, and effective.


Understanding the healthcare need is vital

02Sourcing the Best

Using our expertise and Strategic sourcing implementation

  • How much does this cost?

    For us to give you an accurate price list we will need to do an NO obligation assessment. Please contact us to set one up.

  • Does my health coverage cover any of this?

    Please contact your benefits provider for more information.

  • Do I get to pick my caregiver?

    Yes, we work carefully with each client to pick the perfect caregiver to fulfill their needs.

  • What happens if my caregiver gets sick?

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  • Are you employees referred?

    Yes, all our employees are put through a screening process to ensure they can be insured.